trying to catch a wind farm

Always trying.

Shot on the way to Scotland, April 2012.

catch up

Hello Monday! I haven't done one of these in a while, but I have seen lots of good things on the internet lately and would like to share them.

~ I watched the Grand Budapest Hotel and it affected me in a strange way - it made me see the world in a different way and want to take better photographs of more beautiful things. This post on Germany's Real-Life Grand Budapest Hotel has inspired me all over again, weeks after seeing the film. Hey does anyone want to go to random towns in the middle of nowhere in Germany? Lets go.
~ These icebergs. I just cannot.
~ While in New Zealand I was exposed to a lot of Lorde. I otherwise hadn't given her much thought at all but her album is amazing and I can't stop listening to this song and wishing I was 16.
~ I have been dreaming about giant moth friends ever since I saw this post on iGnant.
~ Home envy.
~ In local news, I work on top of a plague pit! All of my dreams are coming true.
~ Eternal girl crush / inspiration queen Alice Forestbound kills it again.
~ I've discovered the photographs of Jordan Carroll via the Instagram and I love her photographs of girls with sass, this one is my favourite.
~ If you fancy losing yourself in some photographs for a while, look no further.
~ Oh Kate Miss is there anything you can't do? These postcards are delightful, and this post On Smiling changed my week. I hope reading it changes your week too. Since reading it I've noticed myself acknowledging when a stranger flashes me a smile, and enjoying smiling back. Love a good smile.
~ Sophie wrote some nice things about me and other nice people on her blog, The Private Life of a Girl.

Told you there was lots to catch up on. I've also started using Bloglovin' as a reader, you can follow me here and of course, this blog here.

Oh and I've started my tumblr back up again, which I will use more than my facebook to share new things/projects/work so you should tune in.

backs of houses

A collection of angles, shot with my Yashica TL Electro X in January 2014.

Rachel & Warren Got Married (on a beach it was awesome)

On a sweltering hot day at the end of a long New Zealand summer, I went to shoot a wedding on a beach. Rachel and Warren are two of my favourite people and it was such an honour to be there to capture their special day!

First, we hit up the wharf to do a sneaky pre-wedding shoot with just the two of them. Rachel spent her summers growing up in Whangamata, and wanted some "classic Whanga" shots in while no one else was looking. I think these are my favourites of the whole day, controversially. While I stood up to my knees in cool blue ocean, Rachel and Warren casually chatted about their mornings or whatever it is two lovely people talk about hours before they get married...
For the Reception, they had a huge beach house (or "bach") which was a short walk through the forestry to the beach the wedding took place on. We chilled there for a bit before we hit the beach. You can tell you are a wedding in New Zealand when the Grooms-men are rocking the jandals.
It was pretty horrible having to look at these beautiful people all day you guys.
So many smiles, my face hurts!
Steady on, its a family show. After the beautiful ceremony overlooking the ocean, we took a few family shots.
Then I got to send everyone on their merry way to the beer tent while we played around on the beach a lil bit....
... and then we hit up a rickety old jetty around the corner that Rach & Warren thought might make a nice spot for photos. They were not wrong!
Tractor Tom! Why you gotta gate crash.
Thank you so much Rachel & Warren for letting me share your wonderful day.
You can see more of my wedding photography in the new commissions gallery on my website, alongside other commissioned work I've had of late. If you or anyone you know would like to work for me, please get in touch! I am available to shoot stock, event, or wedding photography! 

April Moodboard - Feelin' Moody

My moods are swinging this month.

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wake up, life is happening.

This photograph was taken as I reluctantly awoke one April morning in New York City, 2012. Shot with my Yashica TL Elextro X and Neopan 400 35mm film.

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

Seattle's Burke Museum is small, but perfectly formed. A modest $10 entrance fee will give you access to a wonderful slice of local Washington natural history, a modest but delightful collection of dinosaurs and friendly staff who are more than happy to let you stroke their porcupines and give you card pangolins to colour in and keep.
I was particularly drawn to the "local" focus of the museum, which like so much of Seattle in general reminded me a lot of the museum back home in Auckland. I find a lot of the bigger Natural History Museums tend to get a bit... non specific - you could be in any museum anywhere in the world, so its always nice to be in a smaller space that focuses directly and primarily on the local area and the history of the city and part of the world that you are in. It gives the museum a different voice, a different feel, to any other museum anywhere in the world, which makes it interesting. And it feels welcoming, and like home.
They also recently found a mammoth tusk right around the corner from my hotel in South Lake Union, which probably made me more excited than it should have. I love when Museums get excited about this stuff on social networking and share it like crazy.

These photographs were all shot using my Yashica TL-Electro X using Kodak Ektar 100 film. You can see more photographs from my museum collection here.